Webinar recap: CloudBees and Eucalyptus powering your Private Development Cloud

Written by: Electric Bee
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Today, CloudBees jointly ran a very interesting webinar together with Eucalyptus titled “Quickly Deploying Dev and Test Resources with Private Development Clouds” – click here for an archived version. There was a lot of interest and a very interactive hour – 500+ registrants and lots of questions from the audience around topics such as the implications with integrating existing processes and methodologies into a Private Development Cloud and how to justify or estimate the business value provided by such a solution. All relevant and very legitimate questions that we at CloudBees are used to respond to on a day-to-day basis when talking to R&D organizations around the world:
“Thou shall not change your process” – ever since CloudBees was founded, this has been one of the main mantras and core principles of the company. Seamless, transparent and non-disruptive integrations into existing processes and methodologies are key for us and the only way the value and potential of our technology will be widely accepted.
ROI, ROI, ROI – another important aspect of how CloudBees operates is the constant focus on maximizing the return of our customer’s investments in technology and manual labor. By enabling R&D organizations to automate and accelerate so much of their end-to-end product development lifecycle, the value of our solutions and technology is typically very easy to realize for our customers.
Coming back to the webinar today, the combined story of CloudBees integrating with Eucalyptus to form a complete stack for implementing on-premise Private Development Clouds is really cool – the end-to-end automation, acceleration and workload orchestration of build/test/deploy/release-workflows enabled by CloudBees plays really well with Infrastructure-as-a-service providers and cloud management solutions like Eucalyptus. The need for this combined technology and automation on top of the infrastructure is definitely something we are hearing more and more from our customers and prospects as the world of IT are moving towards general cloud-based technologies – fast, rapid and dynamic provisioning of compute resources is simply just not enough for the end-user to get the job efficiently done when there is so much other stuff and complexity that needs to be managed on top of it: security and access credentials, 3rd party dependencies, tools and environment configurations, manual process handoffs, script and tool invocations, notifications, parallelization and distribution, process synchronization, reporting and visualization…
I can go on and on with listing these technical issues - but in the end it will boil down to one question:
Why should you or your organization have to put up with all of this manual labor and complexity in the development process when there are readily available solutions and technology that seamlessly can automate and accelerate the tasks for you?

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