Webinar Recap: Buying Time and Iterations with CloudBees Accelerator v11

Written by: Electric Bee
2 min read
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With more and more devices becoming “smart,” even traditional device manufacturers are finding themselves competing at the software level. They need to deliver innovation, faster, or risk missing the market. Long builds, even longer test cycles, and non-value-add rework limit innovation and cause delays. The good news is CloudBees Accelerator has always been great at accelerating builds for embedded systems and Android AOSP manufacturers, like Samsung, Qualcomm, and Huawei. The better news is that, with this latest release, we have enhanced CloudBees Accelerator to make it a great value for car tech, IoT and other device manufacturers by accelerating Embedded Linux builds. Now you can cut Yocto build times by 50% on the same number of cores or by as much as 80% by using more cores. Customers have also been asking for enhancements for using cloud resources on demand to help them build faster without breaking the bank. This release now includes capabilities for bursting your builds to AWS or Kubernetes. One of our customers told us this new feature let them build faster while simultaneously reducing their AWS charges from $1200 per day down to $300 per day. One of the other great time sinks for developers is test cycles. Static code analysis and unit tests can take up to a day for some automotive applications. CloudBees Accelerator now has a special mode for accelerating test cycles. Our Director of Technical Marketing, Hans Ashlock, and I recently shared details on all the new features of v11. Hans even demonstrated how to speed your Yocto builds, dynamically burst builds out to the cloud, and how to shorten your test cycles.

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