Webinar 6/8, 10am PT: Climbing the CloudBees "Stairway to Heaven" to Take Apps to the Cloud

Written by: Harpreet Singh
2 min read
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I am an avid Led Zeppelin fan and was wondering what would happen if roles were reversed: Led Zeppelin built a cloud platform and CloudBees wrote classic rock. These are some things I could think of:

  1. We wouldn’t have any of the kick-ass songs from them - no " Stairway to Heaven " That would be a tragedy!

  2. No disrespect to the CloudBeesteam (myself included) but I think we would suck making music – it would all sound like bees buzzing. Also, as software engineers, would we release versions of songs? "Please upgrade to Stairway to Heaven 2.0 - it fixes some issues with the guitar-ingin version 1.0." ;-)

  3. Led Zeppelin making software would even be weirder. Would forums be called "Kashmir"? “A perpetual stalemate of complaints and responses between users and the Zeppelin coding team :-D. Then again, maybe we’d have had the Cloud 40 years ago.

This is turning out to be a slippery slope…

On a related topic, what if you (software developers) really could be in the heaven when building and deploying web apps in the cloud. Is there a cloud nirvana? I think there is!

The CloudBees Platform can be appropriately considered a "Stairway to Heaven...in the Cloud" and you can use it to climb the steps to cloud nirvana (admittedly I am a bit biased - so sue me ;-) )

Join CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey and the Bees as they demonstrate the ease of building and deploying Java apps in the cloud, using mature, rock-solid technology that's already running more than 4000 applications. The team will do a complete “develop to-deploy” walk-through of building a web app in the cloud using all the instruments at CloudBees' disposal. Sacha acts as the orchestrator as we "Rock and Roll" and ascend the stairway of solutions to build an application from scratch and deploy it to the cloud.

(Note: for a more detailed, serious ;-) description and registration for the webinar on June 8th at 10 am Pacific Time, GO HERE )

It's much easier than you think to achieve cloud nirvana !



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