Watch Me Code, Episode 6

Written by: Stephen Connolly
2 min read
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Episode 4 and Episode 5 of "Watch Me Code" were focused on the Jenkinsfile techniques we will need when we start using the Organization folder that we developed in Episode 3 . This episode returns focus to that Organization folder functionality. When we left the plugin last, we had a plugin that was functional, but not as efficient as it could be. In order to make a better Organization folder, we will need to make use of some of third-party libraries.

This episode covers two strategies for using third-party libraries from Jenkins plugins.

I also tacking upgrading the parent pom in order to take advantage of the latest tooling improvements. By the end of this video, we should have a plugin code base that is ready for us to rapidly develop the performance improvements we need before putting the plugin into production use on the Apache Software Foundation's Jenkins instance.

If you are interested in examining my work so far, you can look at the GitHub code snapshot as of end of video.

Stephen Connolly is a member of the engineering team at CloudBees. He has over 20 years experience in software development. He is involved in a number of open source projects, including Jenkins and Apache. Stephen was one of the first non-Sun committers to the Jenkins project and developed the weather icons. Stephen lives in Dublin, Ireland - where the weather icons are particularly useful. Follow Stephen on Twitter and on his blog .

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