Watch Me Code, Episode 2

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Continuing on from Episode 1, this time we are actually going to do some coding.

The aim of this episode is to get a minimal viable product for an Apache Software Foundation Git Organization Folder that will detect all the hosted repositories on the Apache Git hosting service.

My plan for the “Watch Me Code” series is that these videos will be unscripted and unedited. I hope that seeing stuff go not-quite-according-to-plan will be more educational than watching a perfect execution!

Some stuff goes wrong, but we get to the MVP in the end!

If you want to look at the code that I developed in the video, the changes are here.

Stephen Connolly is a member of the engineering team at CloudBees. He has over 20 years experience in software development. He is involved in a number of open source projects, including Jenkins and Apache. Stephen was one of the first non-Sun committers to the Jenkins project and developed the weather icons. Stephen lives in Dublin, Ireland - where the weather icons are particularly useful. Follow Stephen on Twitter and on his blog.

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