Visit CloudBees at the Agile for Automotive Conference

Written by: Tim Johnson
2 min read

From all outward appearances, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has become an auto show. Gadgets and new tech abound in this sector with recent developments like self-driving, in-vehicle infotainment and engine management systems, to name a few. It’s exciting times for observers, participants and consumers of the connected vehicle. However, the Agile for Automotive conference is the place to be if you are in the automotive sector.

Digital transformation is a challenge for any company in any industry but the automotive sector faces issues that are truly unique. For instance, automakers need to retain code (and the platforms used to develop it) for 17 years. Second, since lives are on the line, code needs to work, be tested thoroughly and be MISRA compliant before it is put into any car. Finally, most car makers plan production over a year ahead of a model-year release. Unforeseen delays in development or shaving time by eliminating testing cycles are simply not an option.

With these challenges, it’s no wonder that the Agile for Automotive conference is such an exciting event. Agile (and DevOps) practices are proven to help companies overcome delays and release better quality products. CloudBees is pleased to be attending this event to share our many years of experience in this space, including how our product, CloudBees Accelerator , helps developers focus on innovation, safety and quality instead of wasting time waiting hours for builds and tests to complete.

If you’re in car tech and in Silicon Valley, drop by the Pullman San Francisco Bay in Redwood City on February 27 and 28. Visit us in the expo hall at booth #9. We’ll be happy to show you how CloudBees Accelerator has helped companies like GM, Delphi and Panasonic save millions of developer hours.

P.S. You could win tickets to a San Jose Sharks game, too, and "accelerate" your love of sports!

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