CloudBees Accelerator

CloudBees Accelerator

Wait Less. Innovate More.


Deliver higher quality software up to 5 times faster, with less wasted effort

Resource Optimization

Reduce dedicated build hardware by 50%, increase existing infrastructure utilization, and easily burst to the cloud


Pinpoint problems and identify bottlenecks with unprecedented visibility into build integrity and infrastructure utilization

Reduce cycle time and iterate faster

CloudBees Accelerator intelligently parallelizes software tasks across clusters of physical or cloud CPUs to dramatically lower build and test cycle times.

  • Fault-tolerant workload distribution uses local, network or cloud resources

  • Smart load balancing ensures optimal use of cores across the cluster

  • Intelligent caching eliminates redundant work through build avoidance

  • Dynamic resource provisioning provides instantaneous scale up/down

Accelerate Your Builds Like Never Before

  • Accelerate Android AOSP, Embedded Linux and Visual Studio builds by 5X or more

  • Discover and optimize dependencies

  • Guarantee software build correctness

  • Eliminate redundant work through build avoidance

Shorten Testing Cycles

  • Improve quality by running more tests more frequently as part of CI cycle

  • Accelerate both unit test and static code analysis test cycles

  • Shift testing left to find bugs earlier

Build Faster with Fewer Resources

  • Build faster on less than half the infrastructure

  • Bursts to cloud during peak times

  • Eliminate surprise cloud charges from zombie build or test instances

“Build times of many of our IVI projects were reduced by 75% resulting in an overall development velocity increase of 200%. Furthermore, the wait time for engineers submitting build requests went from one hour to 10 minutes.”

John Penoyer
Engineering Group Manager, Panasonic Automotive Solutions

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