Team Masters for Continuous Delivery

Team Masters for Continuous Delivery

You’ve just formed a team, and the team needs to build, test and deliver their code. You want continuous delivery that is easy to configure and easy to use so that you can spend your time on code and customers.

Team Masters in CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise can get your team running quickly and easily. Team Masters let you focus on creating great software, while CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise builds, tests and delivers.

When you define a team in CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, a Team Master will be created automatically for the team. A few simple steps will define your team, create the Team Master and have you ready to build, test and deliver.

Define the team

  1. Open the Blue Ocean UI from CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Operations Center
  2. Click “Create a team”
  3. Give the team a name
  4. Assign an icon and color for the team
  5. Add people to the team
  6. Click “Create team”

Take those few, simple steps and CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise creates a Team Master dedicated to your team. Your team master is created and maintained in CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise.

Power of Team Masters - Simple & Easy

Team Masters allow teams to work independently and still have all the power of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise. Enterprise grade security, on-demand provisioning, resilient infrastructure and easy management are all standard parts of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise. Team Masters make it even easier to create and manage continuous delivery.

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