Startup Pirates Bratislava 2012

Written by: Moritz Plassnig
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We got an invitation to do an investor pitch workshop for the Startup Pirates Bratislava event. We are always happy to help young entrepreneurs and therefore we took the train and rushed to Bratislava yesterday.

Practice, practice, practice

Pitching is not science, you don't need a PhD for it. The most important point is practice, practice and practice. It's like juggling. Do it really often and you will get better. Do it hundreds of times and you will be really good.

Push yourself outside your comfort zone

Always! The problem with presenting, especially if you are not good at it, is that you are afraid of talking in front of a crowd. That's the reason why you have to do it - often and again & again. It's not easy at the beginning but like everything in life, your learning curve is extremely steep. So you will perform better super fast.

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You always pitch

And by the way, you have to learn it if you wanna be a successful entrepreneur. Because you always pitch. Not only in front of an investor or to your customers. You also pitch to your friends, parents and even to random strangers on the street. Use all those pitches, learn from it and try to get better. You definitely need the ability to pitch in order to hire great employees (you won't convince them with a bad pitch), attract new customers and get the support from partners or also from friends & family.

The presentation

We have uploaded our presentation on Slideshare. Share it, download it and give us feedback!

Investor pitch workshop @ Startup Pirates Bratislava 2012 from Codeship

Next events

Thanks to the Startup Pirates Bratislava for having us. It was a great event by an inspiring team and was lots of fun for us. Looking forward to the next edition. We will attend a couple of events in the following months. Just shoot us an email if you wanna connect with us in person.

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