Safely Deploy Microservices and Containers at Scale with CloudBees Flow

Written by: Electric Bee
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Microservices and container adoption promises an ideal where everything is a microservice packaged in a container. New functionality gets built quickly and delivered instantly across multiple clouds and environments. Everyone will enjoy speed, flexibility, predictability, restful nights, and regular family meals because of a microservices architecture and container utilization. Then there’s the reality. We’re still in the very early days of the container lifecycle. Tools are native to the container engine, which fragments development and deployment. No one container engine or cloud provider is the best for all use cases, customer types or geographies so we see customers creating hundreds of containers across multiple environments. Knowing what is running where, managing portability and avoiding lock-in is an absolutely a key concern for those customers.

The same goes for microservices. We haven’t seen a customer yet that is 100 microservices based. Many organizations are running a combination of monolithic applications, cloud-native microservices applications and a hybrid of monolithic applications integrating with new microservices. Release coordination is difficult in these kinds of organizations, to say the least. Our customers have asked for the ability to manage containers and microservices throughout the software delivery lifecycle to support their specific situation, whether that be legacy applications or hybrid data centers and clouds. Today we are announcing version 7.1 of CloudBees Flow that allows enterprises to safely deploy microservices and containers at scale in large, enterprise environments. We are demonstrating this new capability all this week at the DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES16) in San Francisco. If you’re not lucky enough to be at #DOES16 this week, that’s not a problem. Here's a quick video so you can see how it works: To learn more about the new release of CloudBees Flow, visit .

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