Prioritize your DevOps strategies to become a digital attacker

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No matter what stage you are in with your DevOps transformation, you need to continue work on your DevOps strategies. Recently, I had the pleasure of joining Torsten Volk , Managing Research Director at ‎Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) on a webinar , where we discussed some of the key ways to use IT as a differentiator and become a true digital attacker.
You have probably heard the phrase, "your business needs to become a digital attacker." While intense, it conveys the need to deliver a better, faster product. Without delivering quality at velocity, you won't have room to disrupt, and ultimately, be more successful. To be a "digital attacker," you must have DevOps strategies. You must be open to a DevOps transformation. You must try, test and optimize new ways of doing DevOps When these new strategies work, implement them; when they don't, move on. It sounds simple, but doing this at scale without hiring an army of developers is challenging. And in today's business environment, users expect an interactive experience for even the most basic task. Beyond these user expectations, you also must measure the overall business impact to see if the efforts translate to additional revenue. There's a lot to consider, so I've come up with seven ways to use IT as a differentiator and become a true digital attacker.
  • Automate your DevOps processes
  • Enforce security and compliance
  • Plan for container management
  • Consider private cloud options
  • Focus on integration between cloud and data center
  • Demand a single pane of glass
  • Push your developers to serverless functions
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EMA: Ten Priorities for Hybrid Cloud, Containers and DevOps in 2017

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