Preview Release of CloudBees Accelerator Supports Android Q and RHEL 8.0

Written by: Tim Johnson
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CloudBees recently changed its release cadence for CloudBees Accelerator. Rather than two major releases a year, we will do preview releases every month or two to get new features into our customers’ hands as soon as they are ready and tested. These incremental releases will still be rolled up into Long Term Support (LTS) releases twice a year.

For the second delivery on this new schedule, we are pleased to announce the CloudBees Accelerator 2019.09.00 release. In addition to several performance enhancements and other improvements, this version includes two main features: Official support for Android 10 (AKA Android Q) and support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux v 8.0.

Android 10

Previous versions of CloudBees Accelerator supported Android 10, but it was only the pre-release version of the AOSP. With this release, we fully support the GA version. Now, Android device manufacturers can significantly speed up their build times and get high-quality products to market faster.

How much faster are Android 10 builds with Accelerator versus just using Ninja? We’re glad you asked. Here are the key benchmarks, building Android Q, on 48 cores:

MakeCloudBees Accelerator
31 minutes, 42 seconds10 minutes, 31 seconds

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) v8.0 Platform

CloudBees Accelerator uses the same infrastructure for the build, there is no change to the build itself and it was 3x faster. Your results will obviously vary, but what doesn’t vary is the ability to keep your engineers focused on innovation instead of honing their ping pong skills.

Earlier this year, Red Hat released RHEL v8.0 which included vastly expanded physical memory support, as well as expanded capabilities in security, networking, high availability, storage, as well as broader coverage of databases, web servers, and dynamic languages, and the new Cockpit feature.

CloudBees Accelerator 2019.09.00 now includes full support for the RHEL 8.0 platform.

Next steps

If you are an existing CloudBees Accelerator customer (thank you!), you can get the new version by clicking on this link and logging in. If you aren’t using Accelerator and are spending too much time waiting for your AOSP, Visual Studio or C/C++ builds to finish, please download and try it for 30 days. You’ll be glad you did.

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