Practice makes perfect

Written by: Electric Bee
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In the spirit of the Olympics, here’s to what makes true champions.
Olympic athletes know the trick to absolutely error-free performance is practice . Michael Phelps can out-swim the best of them, yet he practices every day to get ready for the big event. He practices the same stance, the same dive, the same strokes over and over again. He could try variations, but he knows when not to try it. And when the starting gun is fired, it’s his practice that makes the final swim perfect.
Isn’t it time that Dev and IT/Ops do the same? These teams do many application deployments during a release, and yet the final and the all important production deployment always feels like a first-time deployment. No wonder, every IT and Ops team dreads production deployments and the chaos that change can bring.
One of our customers told us that they do over 11 deployments into their test environment alone – to support functional, security, performance, internationalization, testing, etc., but none of these deployments were performed using consistent processes and scripts. Then, when the application had to be deployed to their production environment, out came the 12th way to do the deployments! No wonder Dev and Ops don’t work well. Development does all of the practice and Ops has to perform on the big stage, without the benefit of knowing what happened in all of the behind the curtain deployments.
Application deployments don’t have be this chaotic. The trick is to use the same applications, a consistent process, and the ability to define and refine this process, so the practice makes the final deployment perfect.
And that’s what we bring with ElectricDeploy. Check out our products page to learn more.
Happy London 2012.

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