For-Pay Offering for RUN@cloud

Written by: Sacha Labourey
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The CloudBees platform has been GA since January 2011 and we have rolled out for-pay offering for DEV@cloud about two months ago. However, there was no “self-service” for-pay offering for RUN@cloud yet.

That has changed this week and you can now decide, on an app-by-app basis, whether you’d like to keep your application under a free plan (with limited memory and compute resources) or whether you want to benefit from increased memory and/or compute capacity through a pay-as-you go pricing scheme .

New Features

If you decide to upgrade your application to a for-pay model, you will also benefit from the following additional new features:

  • CNAME aliasing and SSL support;

  • Auto- or manual application elasticity based on a number of metrics (requests, CPU, etc.) – this means you only pay for what your application really consumes;

  • Clustering with load-balancing, failover and session replication;

This last feature is particularly important and, when coupled with our continuous-deployment feature, makes it possible to deploy new versions of your application into production without losing any ongoing session! This is really magical to see at work!

We have also added several pricing tiers for our “MySQL-as-a-Service” offering.

Obviously, those features are not only accessible from the Web UI but also from the command line interface (SDK ) and from our HTTP API. Remember you can also interact with DEV@ and RUN@cloud from within Eclipse thanks to our Eclipse plugin .

Note: while the underlying mechanic is very sound and has gone through extensive testing, the Web UI has some rough edges which will be improved starting next month in a series of UI updates.

PaaS Landscape

This new release of the CloudBees Platform further reinforces CloudBees as the innovation leader in the Java PaaS space. Not only are we the only PaaS on the market to cover the entire dev-to-run application lifecycle, but we are also the only Java PaaS available in GA offering a self-service, on-demand, for-pay offering along with advanced clustering features.


We will be hosting a webinar demonstrating all of our new features on the 8th of June at 2pm EDT, so please join us .

Also, remember that you can try our entire platform for free, so you might just want to try CloudBees and see for yourself .

Oh, and stay tuned, the Summer release is around the corner and it is going to be a heavy hitter!


Sacha Labourey, CEO

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