Pricing without the PhD

End-to-end software delivery built to scale as your team grows

Support for Jenkins and Jenkins X

When your business depends on Jenkins, you can depend on the experts at the #1 Jenkins sponsor

CloudBees Jenkins Support

Expert technical support and maintenance from the #1 Jenkins sponsor. Gain peace of mind with fast, reliable resolutions to your problems backed by an SLA.”

Support starting at $3K per year.

CloudBees Jenkins X Support

Protect your cloud native apps built with Jenkins X - the automated CI/CD solution built on Kubernetes that uses GitOps to ease environment management. Gain peace of mind with fast, reliable resolutions to your problems backed by an SLA.

Support starting at $3K per year.

Exclusive Offer for New Customers!

CloudBees Starter Kit

Get access to CloudBees Core and CloudBees DevOptics with zero feature restrictions.

  • - 3 support contacts with unlimited cases
  • - Free, online education
  • - QuickStart engagement to accelerate adoption
  • - Limited to one per company

$10,000 for three teams. Unlimited users.

End to End Software Delivery

Flexible, governed software delivery automation

CloudBees Core

Scale CI/CD from a single team to thousands of users across the organization. You’ll get built-in automation, a powerful compliance engine and centralized management. Now you can eliminate Jenkins servers under desks and elastically scale to meet any CI/CD workload.

No Ops Needed

Ship faster with hosted CI/CD as a service

CloudBees CodeShip

Ship apps faster. Connect git repos in minutes and start running jobs now. Jumpstart CI/CD with a SaaS solution that frees you from investing in and maintaining infrastructure.

Free: $0
Premium: Starting at $49/Month

Software Delivery Visibility and Insights

Measure, manage and improve your software delivery

CloudBees DevOptics

Map value streams to visualize the software delivery process. Identify blockages to reduce waste. Get real-time DevOps performance metrics on Deployment Frequency, Mean Lead Time, Mean Time To Recover and Change Failure Rate.

Free: $0 Premium: Starting at $200 per user/year.