Now Live on DevOps Radio: Picture-Perfect CD, Featuring Dean Yu, Director, Release Engineering, Shutterfly

Written by: Sarah Grucza
2 min read
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Jenkins World 2016 was buzzing with the latest in DevOps, CI/CD, automation and more. DevOps Radio wanted to capture some of that energy so we enlisted the help of Sacha Labourey, CEO at CloudBees, to host a series of episodes live at the event. We’re excited to present a new three-part series, DevOps Radio: Live at Jenkins World. This is episode two in the series.

Dean Yu, director of release engineering at Shutterfly , has been with the Jenkins community since before Jenkins was called Jenkins. Today, he’s a member of the Jenkins governance board and an expert in all things Jenkins and CI. He attended Jenkins World 2016 to catch up with the community, check out some sessions and sit down with Sacha Labourey for a special episode of DevOps Radio.

Sacha had a lot of questions for Dean, but the very first question he asked was, "What is new at Shutterfly?" Dean revealed how his team is using Jenkins, working on CI/CD and keeping pace with business during Shutterfly’s busiest season, the holidays. If you’re interested in learning CI/CD best practices or hearing what one Jenkins leader thinks about the future of software development and delivery, then you need to tune in today!

You don’t have to stop making your holiday card or photo book on, just plug in your headphone and tune into DevOps Radio. The latest DevOps Radio episode is available now on the CloudBees website and on iTunes.

Join the conversation about the episode on Twitter by tweeting to @CloudBees and including #DevOpsRadio in your post. After you listen, we want to know your thoughts. What did you think of this episode? What do you want to hear on DevOps Radio next? And, what’s on your holiday DevOps wishlist?

Sacha Labourey and Dean Yu talk about CD at Shutterfly, during Jenkins World 2016 (below).
P.S. Check out Dean's massive coffee cup. It displays several pictures of his daughter and was created - naturally - on the Shutterfly website.

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