Now on DevOps Radio: What’s In Your DevOps Wallet? Featuring Capital One’s Brock Beatty

Written by: Hannah Inman
2 min read
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In this episode of DevOps Radio, Sacha strikes gold with Capital One’s Director of Software Engineering, Brock Beatty, on the importance of automation and “cloud-first.” Brock talks about how Capital One is at the forefront of the software development revolution with the goal of increasing Capital One’ agility and time to market. That’s no small task for Capital One with tens of thousands of associates and Jenkins jobs and hundreds of instances of CloudBees Jenkins Platform.

Brock explains that Capital One’s gains in DevOps and software development are a direct result of his leadership team’s support that enables developers to overcome barriers and find new solutions. While other organizations drive decisions from middle management and up through leadership, Capital One has initiated change from the C-suite, with the culture change being adopted and embraced throughout the rest of the organization.

Brock also shares his views on the future of DevOps, pointing out that Capital One is pushing the frontier with a cloud-first strategy by “building cloud tools on the cloud for cloud developers for cloud enablement.” He says continuous compliance, automated testing and quality engineering will also be areas to watch.

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