Now on DevOps Radio: Three's Company - Special Jenkins World Edition

Written by: Heidi Gilmore
3 min read
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The countdown to Jenkins World 2017 is officially on! Host Andre Pino sits down with not one, not two, but three Jenkins World keynote speakers in Episode 20 of DevOps Radio. Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Jenkins founder and CTO at CloudBees; Jez Humble, co-author of Continuous Delivery, Lean Enterprise, and The DevOps Handbook ; and CloudBees’ own CEO, Sacha Labourey, talk about recent developments in the industry and share a sneak peak at what attendees will hear August 28th - 31st at Jenkins World 2017.

Kohsuke starts the conversation by discussing what’s been going on in the Jenkins community over the last year. He touches on key projects, such as Blue Ocean and the Declarative Pipeline. Both new offerings make it easy for users of all skill levels to automate software pipelines. Kohsuke also talks about the community responses to these recent developments. At Jenkins World, he says the community can expect to hear how the ongoing evolution of Jenkins has led to new and better methods of software delivery.

Jez talks about his active role in the DevOps community and the recent advances he’s seen as DevOps starts to become more mainstream. He says that while everyone wants a piece of DevOps, the picture for implementation is still patchy. With the research Jez has done in relation to DevOps and continuous delivery, he’s seen the science on what works and what doesn’t in IT environments. In his first time speaking in front of the Jenkins community, he plans to talk about the huge impact continuous integration and continuous delivery have had on IT performance and how teams can measure this.

Finally, Sacha discusses what he’s seen in the Jenkins and DevOps market recently. He says it’s now understood that enterprises need to move to DevOps, but the question that remains is how to deploy at scale and make an enterprise-wide commitment. In order to adopt DevOps effectively, Sacha thinks you need the energy and willingness to share and learn. Sacha hints that Jenkins World attendees can expect to hear about new features and services from CloudBees, in addition to how people are accelerating DevOps adoption in their organizations.

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