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Written by: Hannah Inman
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Mark Miller and Derek Weeks of Sonatype tag team this episode of DevOps Radio with host Andre Pino. In their chat with Andre, the duo, who are fans of open source, talk about All Day DevOps, the industry-wide virtual conference pioneered by Sonatype. With All Day DevOps, Derek and Mark are bringing DevOps to the world. We think they could literally talk about DevOps “all day.” The pair provide insights into trends in software development, with a particular focus on DevSecOps, and talk about Mark’s personal branding element – his hat!

Mark describes his work as an “industry connector.” He works building networks to help the DevOps community connect with each other, extending the conversation around software delivery. Making these networking connections made both guys realize they wanted to connect folks on a broader level. They wanted to connect a global DevOps audience, and bring the DevOps experience and learning to everyone. With the philosophy that everybody should be able to attend major conferences, even if they aren’t able to attend in-person, All Day DevOps was born. The conference, now in its third year, isn’t an extended webinar but a true virtual conference. In 2017, more than 33,000 attendees were online throughout the 24 hours of the conference, there were 30,000 conversations on the Slack channel, and 45 satellite viewing parties were held in 18 countries. With branding that’s gone global and 250 organizations supporting them, Derek declined to throw out a number of anticipated attendees for 2018, just saying he anticipates 2018 will be “big.” As if 2017 wasn’t!

Segueing to another big topic, Mark predicts 2018 will be the year of DevSecOps. Much like dev and ops coming together, security needs to sit right in the middle of both, in order to bake security into applications right from the start. The duo says the only way for organizations to see the benefits of DevSecOps is to make security part of the software delivery culture and embed it within software applications. They’re hoping this topic will get the attention it needs in 2018 and that organizations will speed up their processes to implement DevSecOps throughout their software delivery pipelines.

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