Now on DevOps Radio: Patrick Debois, CTO of Small Town Heroes and the Father of DevOps

Written by: Heidi Gilmore
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The latest episode of DevOps Radio features the father of DevOps, Patrick Debois. Patrick shares with host Andre Pino how his vision for the unification of IT teams through the DevOps Days events has seen exponential growth and impact, cementing his legacy worldwide as the founder of this cultural IT phenomenon.

As an early DevOps expert, thought leader and advocate, Patrick takes us through his experience leading up to the conception of DevOps Days in 2009 and subsequent coining of the term DevOps. After working with agile development processes, Patrick realized the people working with IT infrastructure wanted to be just as fast. He decided the two teams - development and operations - should work together, thus playing matchmaker to IT’s perfect couple.

While DevOps Days are all organized and managed locally, the meetings have been extremely successful and well-attended, leading to expansion worldwide. Adding “globetrotter” to his list of accomplishments, Patrick also describes the differences in DevOps based on geographic regions. He notes some mindset differences, like how the United States has more of a startup mentality that’s resulted from the innovation in areas like Silicon Valley and, in comparison, Europeans tend to be more reserved when it comes to adopting something new, such as DevOps.

Despite regional differences, Patrick has witnessed how DevOps Days has added value to development teams globally. DevOps Days allow attendees to gather together and learn how to foster better software delivery processes through discussions about their experiences. DevOps as a whole has energized software teams by going beyond just changing their duties, to changing the way developers and IT operations think about their roles.

Predicting the future could be Patrick’s next calling as he also plays fortune teller and digs out his crystal ball to share his thoughts on where the industry is going. While he mentions that people may say DevOps is not new and shiny anymore, it is here to stay and is paving the way for more advancement in software delivery. Host Andre Pino also reminds us DevOps is not just a product you buy and implement, but an entire culture organizations must adopt.

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