Now on DevOps Radio: Open Source, OpenShift, Open Sesame, Featuring Red Hat’s Ari LiVigni

Written by: Hannah Inman
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DevOps Radio In this episode of DevOps Radio, Ari LiVigni, principal software engineer at Red Hat, and CloudBees CEO and guest host, Sacha Labourey battle the Jenkins World band in the background to talk open source, OpenShift and eating your own dog food.

Ari says the DevOps culture shift at Red Hat started “top down,” with the realization that homegrown tools needed to be replaced by the open source ones Red Hat was providing (or recommending) to customers. According to Ari, this was the first spark that helped Red Hat start finding issues before customers did. The outcome for Red Hat became delivering higher quality releases, more quickly. Beyond its own results, Red Hat embraces open source technology with the philosophy that the power of open source participation is “additional minds to help foster the technology.”

Overcoming internal resistance to these changes was an initial obstacle at Red Hat. The team broke down those barriers by evangelizing what continuous delivery is and what it’s designed to do, helping to gain buy-in and adoption. Later, when developers realized they were using the same tools that Red Hat customers were, it fostered a greater sense of providing functionality that customers wanted. Which, coincidentally, was the same functionality that Red Hat engineers wanted!

Ari predicts that developers will shift to focusing on automation and testing, while QA will focus on more complex customer use cases – in both instances leading to operations teams feeling more at ease with the software that hits production and is ultimately rolled out.

To hear what songs Ari and Sacha were rocking out to, check out this episode of DevOps Radio. If you crave more, go to the CloudBees website or iTunes. Join the conversation about the episode on Twitter by tweeting out to @CloudBees and including #DevOpsRadio in your post.



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