Now On DevOps Radio: DevOps Institute Brings DevOps Knowledge to Worldwide Community

Written by: Heidi Gilmore
2 min read
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Jayne Groll (below) is CEO and co-founder of DevOps Institute, and an expert in IT training. She joins DevOps host, Andre Pino, to discuss how people can get training and certification in DevOps topics - and what exactly that means in an industry where there isn’t a single body of knowledge about DevOps.

Jane explains how a long time ago in a galaxy far away, when screens were still black and green, she was a paralegal manager tapped to provide education and support her company’s IT unit. Since then she has witnessed IT education and certification grow with new roles, competencies and skills, including DevOps.

Jane says for most developers the most difficult part of DevOps is starting the process. The DevOps Institute’s curriculum encompasses a collective body of knowledge including CD and CI, automation, principles of how to architect a DevOps pipeline, test communities, cultural management, DevSecOps (adding security to DevOps) and specific role-based competencies. By participating in this training and certification process, developers and operations teams can gain the skills needed for successful DevOps strategies, so that they can ultimately bring value back to the organization.

Finally, Jayne talks about DevOps Express – a consortium of leading vendors and practitioners in the DevOps space who are providing, collectively, best practices and a reference architecture for organizations trying to undergo a DevOps transformation. DevOps Institute is a founding member of DevOps Express, and Jayne joins with Andre in discussing the value of it for the DevOps community. Listen in to hear more!

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