Now on DevOps Radio: Analyze This! Clive Longbottom of Quocirca on How DevOps is Transforming Software Development in Europe

Written by: Heidi Gilmore
2 min read
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In the latest installment of DevOps Radio, host Andre Pino and Clive Longbottom, founder of UK analyst firm Quocirca , find common ground in their chemistry and chemical engineering degrees, before diving into the chemistry of DevOps. Clive explains how he went from working with anti-cancer drugs and fuel cells to then being recruited by an analyst firm called The Meta Group (now part of Gartner), covering a wide range of IT processes in his role as an analyst. He eventually went on to found Quocirca.

Clive comments on the global state of DevOps, identifying the European countries that tend to be more IT savvy and have been early adopters of DevOps, as well as the laggards that are behind. As with almost anything, politics plays a role in some of the aspects of adoption (between financial/economic woes and data residency issues). A recent and significant impact is, of course, Brexit and the implications for UK-based companies and cloud-based hosters are significant.

One such obstacle to DevOps adoption is what Clive describes as chaos caused by tool proliferation. Clive describes the domino effect caused by developers using their own open source tools of choice and how the chaos escalates when more and more individuals and then teams work together and more and more tools proliferate. He explains that a DevOps orchestration tool is helpful, to manage the multitude of tools and help the organization put processes, workflows and checks and balances in place. (We’re pretty sure Andre knows a butler who can help with that problem!) When all the checks and balances are put in place to ensure that the workflows occur in the correct manner, feedback loops are in place, then that's the best an organization can hope for in the DevOps world -- and that's what Clive is seeing in the organizations that are winning with DevOps right now.

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