No lock-in with CloudBees

Written by: Michael Neale
2 min read
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Not often, but occasionally, someone will enquire/comment on the risk of being locked in when you run stuff on CloudBees. You may be using DEV@cloud, RUN@cloud, or the whole lot, partner services and all.

Well the good news:

  • No one wants to lock you in

  • You aren't locked in

When CloudBees started - this was one of the implicit core values - I don't believe it was ever spelled out - as I think it "went without saying". Application runtimes, and databases, are all open source (we all came from an open source background) so that naturally makes locking people in actually really difficult.

However, as things get more complex over time - it is worth thinking about what it would mean if you needed to move off a cloud provider (say it isn't so!). The good news is that on CloudBees, you can get your apps, run it wherever you want (even another cloud provider) - get your data, load that up where ever you want. This also goes for third party services (even databases like CouchDB, MongoDB). Of course, there are some management services (such as newrelic, appdynamics etc) - which are not open source - but your app can run without them - or you can keep using them, as they are, wherever you move to!

Of course, Jenkins is a champion of open source with a massive number of non cloud deployments (or deployments on other clouds) - you can even export/import your configuration from Jenkins !

In fact, as was said at the recent "DeployCon" mini conference "Jenkins is the most popular PaaS out there" (presumably as it powers so much platform deployment, even nothing to do with CloudBees - look at Netflix, for instance).

If you ever need help - just ask, we can make sure your data and apps are freed.


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