No... it is not black and white...

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A recent mixup in my flight going over to California left me stranded in Dusseldorf for the night (dont ask for the details, but it involves three (!) internation air lines each blaming each other and no one taking responsibility...).
Turns out there was another person who´s name is Melissa who had been booked on the same flight as me (Copenhagen - Dusseldorf - San Fancisco) who was now equally stranded in there.
After a three hour phone conversation between my travel agency (gotta love them!) and the three air lines involved, finally one of the air lines stood up and took responsibility. Early early the next morning I found myself in Heathrow/London having a cup of coffee with Melissa while we waited for our connecting flight. Melissa is a journalism and international politics student from California that is studying for her controllers in Denmark.
As usual it didn´t to long before I was asked what I was doing, and somehow I started talking about software testing with passion of a wind-up Isabel Evans on stage at Eurostar (I still get shivers thinking about when I saw her in 2007 at Eurostar giving her keynote). We started discussing the concept that rarely is there a black and white situation, a right and wrong answer, and I told her that it´s very common for young engineers in university who study social sciences (my wife teaches organisation and management) to ask what "the right answer" is.
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