New RUN Pricing (and Venti Chai Latte)

Written by: Heidi Gilmore
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Since we started CloudBees, we understood one essential part of the value of a PaaSwas to abstract IT infrastructure away from developers . Developers shouldn’t have to worry about server provisioning, operating systems, application servers, firewalls, load-balancers, etc. But PaaSofferings are not just about provisioning IT resources, they are also about how your applications get mapped onto those resources.

To that end, at CloudBees, we have defined our own unit of compute, an app-cell. The app-cell is a much more fine-grain concept than what a CPU core is, yet provides enough capacity for decent work to be performed (our testing shows that a basic web application accessing a database can handle up to 250 requests per second on a single app-cell). That’s for the “how much” part. But we can also finely define the time those resources get allocated to your application, based on your application requirements. As an analogy, while IT infrastructure providers like AWS could only rent you a bus for an entire week, CloudBees is able to rent you a single seat, by the minute.

This technical leadership, coupled with the high number of accounts using our platform, obviously leads to great economies of scale.

Consequently, a few weeks ago, we announced that we were significantly dropping DEV@cloud prices and were providing a fully serviced “Jenkins as a Service” continuous integration offering for LESS than you would pay doing it yourself, on-premise, or by renting machines at AWS. Just check, our prices start at … 0$. That’s a hard price to beat.

Today, we are rolling out our new pricing structure to RUN@cloud and as you will see, it is a significant drop! Our new pricing will be available at two subscription levels:

  • Base : this subscription level is fine if you mostly need a place to run your application, but do not care about sophisticated clustering setup, support tickets, etc.

  • Enterprise : this offers all of the CloudBees features, sophisticated clustering, bigger memory sizes, technical support, etc.

While the Base level will be available in a couple of weeks, the Enterprise level is available today. Our current customers have been converted to this new Enterprise level and will automatically benefit from a 62% cost reduction. Our new Base level (once available), will show a 74% discount compared to our current pricing!

This new pricing puts the deployment of a simple Java application with a database at $9.50/month, and a fully clustered HA application at $19/month, much lower than what you could achieve by directly renting EC2 servers for example (without even talking about the time you’d have to spend supporting this environment).

We are also announcing the ability to deploy the CloudBees PaaS on your own dedicated machines on AWS, and let us manage your applications on that pool of resources - contact us if you are interested in this. We have customers doing this today.

This year, the CloudBees team has set itself the objective to show the Java world that using CloudBees’ PaaS is cheaper, better and faster. This announcement clearly demonstrates the first one. As my colleague Michael Neale put it: “If you find something cheaper, it is probably a Venti Chai Latte.”



Sacha Labourey, CEO

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