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A mandatory step in CI is code checkout - duh! :) This is one of the reasons why Perforce is one of our most popular plugins for ElectricCommander.
Last week, at #Merge2014 conference in SF, I was honored to talk about the evolution of our internal development practices with code review and Perforce Swarm, and also to demo our integration with Perforce.

The event was a lot of fun - and i even got to play with an Oculus Rift! This was my first time presenting a session solo, and I was a bit nervous because of the live demo. However, when I recognized some joint customers in the audience, that put me at ease- and things went smoothly! Phew..

After my talk, I received a compliment from a person in the audience: “I didn’t know I needed what you showed until you showed it.

So: here's what I showed, and you be the judge if you need it:

(* Updated 11/24: Thanks to our friends at Perforce, the code changes required for this implementation have been rolled in to the latest Swarm version! Yay!)

Below is a canned video I recorded (not the one from my live talk at the conference, less flashy- but gets the point across). In this video you'll see a sample pre-commit software delivery pipeline:

  1. I introduced a change to the code that will break the build and will not pass tests (Breaking change)

  2. Created the code review via 'p4' shelve in Perforce Swarm.

  3. Viewed the review in the Swarm UI

  4. Thanks to our integration, Swarm automatically launched the test job in Electric Commander.

  5. Showed the test failures for changes under code review in ElectricCommander.

Check out my video on integrating Swarm with ElectricCommander, allowing you to easily perform preflight tests with no additional tooling required from the developer:

See our Perforce plugin page to learn more on how you can easily integrate Perforce with ElectricCommander to run code checkouts, preflight builds and CI.

My Session at #Merge2014:

You Live, You Learn, Then You Get Perforce Swarm

If you're interested, check out the slides from my talk to learn how CloudBees migrated from our previous code review tool to Perforce Swarm and how it improved developer productivity. Learn the best way to incorporate code review into your development process and how to integrate Swarm with a Continuous Integration system.

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