Meet the Bees: Thierry Wasylczenko

Written by: Georgiana Patru
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Making Things that Last

Meet Thierry Wasylczenko, senior software engineer in France

If you’ve ever tried to build a house on sand, then you know the house won’t last long. If you want a sturdy, long-lasting house, then you need to start with a solid foundation. 

For Thierry Wasylczenko, successful software engineering is built on the same principle. 

As a senior software engineer at CloudBees, Thierry doesn’t just create software. He creates software that lasts. "The goal isn’t to create something that will only be used in a month. It’s about creating something over the long-term,” he says. And to do that, you need someone setting the groundwork. "Being a senior developer means laying the foundations to let others ‘build the house up.’” 

Thierry began his software engineering career as an intern for a group of medical physicists. With himself as the only engineer, Thierry quickly turned his software projects into a healthcare startup that was later bought out by a larger healthcare company. 

But Thierry quickly realized his values no longer aligned with the company he once started. Above all, he felt he no longer had a voice. For Thierry, it was time to move on. "It was especially hard for me because when you’ve given people jobs, and helped patients to be well treated, there’s this humanity – this feeling you’re doing something for good. When I saw that this had changed, it was time to move on.”

At CloudBees, Thierry says, it’s nice to have those values aligned again. "I really cherish the respect and openness here,” he says. "You can speak freely about almost everything. That’s a result of transparency within the company.”

Born and raised in France, Thierry works with team members across the globe and says the cultural differences make working at CloudBees a more satisfying experience. "There’s also a lot of honesty in the company. You can speak freely, whereas in some companies, especially in France, you may not have the same opportunity. It’s very enriching working with people from so many different countries. We discover a lot of personalities, ways of doing things and ways of working. It’s very enlightening,” he explains. 

The remote aspect not only benefits Bees, Thierry says, but it benefits CloudBees in a big way. "I think being a remote company is very important now – in these times – because you can get talent everywhere. You’re not just confined to a particular city or country.”

Ultimately, Thierry says, CloudBees is a human company. "We aren’t just developers behind our screens doing stuff all day. We have fun sessions and discussions where we can speak about anything.” Thierry particularly likes the “water cooler” channel on the CloudBees Slack, where he can share photos from his motor rides. "I think it’s very important when you’re a remote company to have these things that allow you to build relationships with your colleagues in a safe way.”

Because everyone is so welcoming, Thierry says you never have to worry about being judged. "We are a company where we take care of one another – a company where you can come as you are, and everything will be fine.”

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