Meet the Team: Roman Kuba

Written by: Saleena Glowik
2 min read
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Roman Kuba is the Lead Frontend Scientist at Codeship. This week, we had the chance to sit down with Roman to discuss his background, why he joined Codeship, and much more.

Meet the Team is a regular series introducing our team members to you. You’ll gain a better understanding of who our team members are, what different teams are working on, an understanding of their choice to join Codeship, and more! You can access all Meet the Team interviews here.

Where were you prior to joining Codeship?

Before I joined Codeship I was self employed directly after university. I was in the fortunate position of working with some of the most talented people from Austria and soon started to work with international clients. I very soon fell in love in working on products and applications more than just simple websites.

Explain what you do at Codeship?

I've been with Codeship for almost 3 years now. I take care of the user facing parts of our product. In the past, I took care of the blog and our marketing pages, but now I focuse solely on the application. My goal is to make the user experience in using Codeship as enjoyable as productive.

Why do you like working for Codeship?

Besides working on a product that enables engineers worldwide and having developers as a target audience, I really enjoy the people here. I've worked with a lot of different teams in the past, but when I met the early Codeship crew I knew I wanted to work with those people. This hasn’t changed and actually has become even better as our team grows.

So why Codeship?

If you like a challenge and help shaping a fundamental tool in the development process of the future, Codeship is definitely the place for it. Our international team is a great frame regarding self development as well. Working at Codeship was the best work related decision I've ever made.


I like listening to music and I really love cooking. It’s a creative process that needs my full attention and it’s a good balance to the day-to-day work.

Fun facts?

In highschool I was in a metal-band for about 2 months. Creative differences, you know :)

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