Meet the Bees: Antonio Muñiz

Written by: Hannah Inman
4 min read
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In every Meet the Bees blog post, you’ll learn more about a different CloudBees Bee. Let’s buzz on over to sunny Spain and meet Antonio Muñiz​.​

Who are you? What is your role at CloudBees?
Hi! My name is Antonio Muñiz, I work from Spain as a Software Engineer at CloudBees. My daily work is around the CloudBees Jenkins Platform, the product we deliver based on Jenkins.

Since I started to work at CloudBees almost two years ago, I haven't stopped learning from incredibly talented engineers. One of the things I like most about working at CloudBees and with Jenkins is that I get to help a lot of other developers around the world in their daily work.

Jenkins is a really flexible platform, so as a Jenkins developer you have to integrate with a wide variety of tools like source control management, data analysis tools and security tools. This allows you to investigate and learn not only Jenkins but a lot of other software projects.

What do you think the future holds for Jenkins?
As I see it, nowadays every software project needs to be built and delivered automatically, somehow. Jenkins is currently the de facto CI/CD platform, so it is a special software component as any other software needs to be built and delivered automatically (as much as possible).

Jenkins allows developers to actually develop, without having to spend time delivering their software. As I like to say: "Developers, develop!"

That said, I think we all agree that "software is ruling the world," so intrinsically Jenkins will "rule" the world in some sense.

What are some of your best tips and tricks for using Jenkins?

1. Use Pipeline

  1. Don't use Pipeline as if you were developing a web application, use it to orchestrate your continuous delivery process
    and put the build logic into your build scripts

  2. Use build agents to distribute the workload, don't build in Jenkins itself

  3. Install the minimum set of plugins to achieve what you want

  4. Use reproducible builds and don't store any state information used by the build in Jenkins

  5. Make it simple; one job for one responsibility. Call them in chain if needed (from the pipeline)

  6. Configure security as needed. Not everyone can be an administrator

What is your best experience, so far, in working at CloudBees?
To be honest, I feel proud and happy to be working at CloudBees *everyday.* As I said before, it's a place where I don't stop learning. There are multitudes of things to work on and the people around me are awesome.

But if I have to choose only one, it is the last company-wide meeting in Mexico. In February, 2016 we all met in Zihuatanejo (Mexico). We all spent a week there, we worked hard on a lot of new things and planned future work. Of course, we also had group activities: Mexican food on the beach and beautiful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean every afternoon. Awesome.

It's important for me to meet face-to-face with the people I work with the rest of the year remotely, because everything flows better when you really know the person at the other side of the cable!

If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Well, I'm from the south of Spain, very close to Jabugo so obviously I love cured ham! I'm sure that if a human being could survive eating *only* cured ham and drinking beer, you would have all the nutrients needed for the life. And not only survive, it would be a really pleasant life, of course :)

What's your favorite sport?
Formula 1, without any doubt. It is bleeding-edge technology applied to sports. Every little detail in the design makes the difference between the first and the last to the finish line. I don't care too much about drivers. They are probably nice people - nothing against them - but having all that technology available it must be relatively easy to go that fast!

I had a work opportunity in Ferrari last week, but of course I said: no, I have everything I need here! :)

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