Key Takeaways: Surviving the Script Apocalypse

Written by: Electric Bee
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Did you know the average age of the top four banks is 175 years old? And those four banks are the end result of merging or acquiring 35 separate companies over the last 40 years? This means lots of different cultures, tech stacks, apps, processes, and controls – and SCRIPTS!!

  • How many of those scripts are under version control?

  • How many people are dedicated to simply maintaining those scripts?

  • Do you need to wait for "Brent" to get back from lunch before you can proceed on a deployment or release?

Yesterday, enterprise DevOps consultant, Chris Nowak joined our own Avantika Mathur, to share hard-won lessons and emerging patterns in DevOps and release orchestration that can help regulated organizations climb out of scripting hell.
The reality for most organizations is that scripts are just piece-meal batches of partial automation tied together with more scripts, requiring manual hand-offs to complete a step or process. There's no visibility, no auditability, and no way to know the cost of maintaining those scripts. Scripts also create a drag on morale because team members spend their time being ticket-pushers instead of adding value to the business.
Avan and Chris present a number of ways to navigate out of the script apocalypse, including:

  • The role of value stream mapping in knowing where to start the process and how to engage with disparate teams.

  • How to organize, score, prioritize, and refactor scripts into reusable automation.

  • How to sell the value of fewer (or no) scripts to teams and executives.

Watch the full webinar recording:

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