JUC Talk Preview: Preparing for Enterprise Continuous Delivery

Written by: Hannah Inman
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A guest post from Andrew Phillips, Vice President of Products for XebiaLabs.

How time flies. ;-) It's time for a couple of talks at JavaOne , and then the XebiaLabs team and I are back on the West Coast October 23rd for the Jenkins User Conference in Palo Alto (JUC) . At the conference, I'll be talking about "Preparing for Enterprise Continuous Delivery: 5 Critical Steps", sharing our experiences in helping organizations get their CD initiatives up and running and identify key prerequisites and action items early:


  • What are core practices for CD in an enterprise environment? 
  • How do I prepare for a successful implementation? 
  • How do I set practical goals and track and measure progress of my CD implementation? 


Maven GIT
Editor's note: If you haven't implemented continuous delivery, don't miss this talk!

Here's the full abstract:
The ability to quickly and reliably deliver new features to customers with high quality has become a standard business requirement. Development, IT and DevOps organizations are looking to rapidly implement effective Continuous Delivery to meet this need. This session will cover 5 important prerequisites for enterprise Continuous Delivery implementations. You’ll leave with a number of practical action items, as well as ideas to help you build your own CD Maturity Model to track and measure success.

As ever, our friends at Andrew Phillips Vice President of Products XebiaLabs  Andrew Phillips, Vice President of Products 

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