Join Us for a Special #c9d9 at Mobile Delivery Days March 22nd

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Compared to web applications or traditional IT application, delivery and operations of mobile applications is still in its early stages. The tool set is brittle, and best practices for all stages throughout your pipeline - from design, development, CI, testing, publishing, operations, and more - are still emerging. While still, relatively, new, mobile apps are already responsible for generating a LOT of business in today's always-connected era. In the booming app-economy, short release cycles and high consumer expectations are pushing the industry to develop new tools, and explore new processes and patterns for streamlining and accelerating the release of mobile apps. Just looking at the news—such as the constant crashes and downtime of mobile apps during March Madness in recent years—reveals that mobile app delivery is still quite young. Now, industry experts are hoping to change that - and contribute to the conversation and emerging practices with a new conference focused solely on delivering mobile applications.


On Monday and Tuesday of next week (March 21-22), hundreds of mobile developers and DevOps experts are headed to Market Street in San Francisco to attend the first-ever Mobile Delivery Days . The sold-out event will bring together both Dev and Ops to discuss mobile application delivery and operations. The event was spearheaded by Patrick Debois, Etsy’s Nassim Kammah and AWS’ Trent Peterson (to hear the organizers’ thoughts and expectations for the event, check out our pre-conference #c9d9 video chat with them here ). With an array of speakers, lightning talks and ad-hoc discussions, the conference will cover topics such as test automation, Continuous Integration, A/B and Beta Testing, performance monitoring, logging, network optimization, and more. In a special episode of #c9d9 taking place live during the closing session , conference speakers, organizers, and attendees will share highlights from the event and discuss key learnings and tips for mobile app delivery. Join Mobile Delivery Days and #c9d9 live on Hangout next Tuesday, March 22, at 5 p.m. PT  to learn about the hot topics, trends and best practices that surfaced over the two-day conference! (or, if you managed to snag a ticket for the event- we'll see you there!) 

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