Jenkins X at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018

Written by: Robert Davies
2 min read
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Jenkins World has combined with DevOps world to become the premier DevOps event in your calendar this year - and there really isn't much time left if you still have to register. You can even use my discount code to get even more value out your visit: JWRDAVIES .

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) on Kubernetes is really hot - which is why, conveniently, Jenkins X is going to be so prominent this year.

There are talks on Jenkins X:

There are workshops on Jenkins X:

There will be community booth sessions on Jenkins X and there may even be the odd product announcement in a keynote that may or may not mention Jenkins X, and there could even be a book about Jenkins X debuting at the conference :)

So if you are in the middle of transitioning to the cloud or even just thinking about it - then CI/CD is really an integral part of that transition and the best, cloud native way to do that effectively is with Jenkins X - you don't even need to learn anything about containers or Kubernetes to start using it. If you want to be a cloud native rock star genius, this is one conference you can't miss (well, you can always attend the one in Nice, France in October).

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