Jenkins User Conference 2013 Palo Alto -- BIG thank you!

Written by: Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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We held Jenkins User Conference on Oct 23rd, a beautiful autumn day, at the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center , Palo Alto.

Jenkins User Conference is a large gathering of Jenkins users and developers in the community. It's been held in various parts of the world, but there's always one in the San Francisco bay area, and every year it just keeps getting bigger. This year, we completely sold out all 450 tickets, and another 600 people signed up to watch the live stream. We the Jenkins people came out in such force that we even ran out of the parking spaces in the facility.

I kicked off the event , highlighting the growth of the project and the amazing community that keeps on delivering. I then got more technical to cover various efforts inside the project (such as the unified credentials store, major refactoring of the Git plugin, and Winstone/Jetty marriage), scalability improvements (such as reduced resource consumption, performance improvements, and SSH connection improvements).

Harpreet and I gave a separate talk on what CloudBees is doing in/on/around Jenkins. We talked about the brand-new "literate" project type from Stephen Connolly. We talked about how we create elastic agents on our hosted Jenkins-as-a-Service , including brand new OS X build agents .

Because of all that's going on in the conference day, I couldn't attend all the talks (so I'm looking forward to the videos to get posted. Follow @jenkinsconf to get notified!), but of the ones that I went to, I found the Maintaining Huge Jenkins Clusters - Have We Reached the Limit of Jenkins? talk very educational. Robert Sandell went over all the stuff he built around his Jenkins instances at Sony, which is probably home to one of the largest deployments in the world, to gather statistics and keep the cluster operating smoothly — the kind of stuff I'd love to put back into Jenkins so that everyone can be as successful as Robert!

JUC was followed by another smaller attached event the day after, dubbed Jenkins Scalability Summit . We’ll talk more about this in another post.

This year, we pimped up the name tags by attaching extra sheets of paper, encouraging people who are active in the community to show off what they do. I've heard good feedback for this, so I think we'll be doing this again. Some of the “toys” I brought in for the keynote didn’t work, unfortunately, so you’ll have to come back next year to see them in action.

Before I finish this post, I wanted to thank everyone who came — please send us your feedback or leave a comment so that we can make this better next time. A special shout out to Alyssa, Lisa, Heidi and Andre, who led the real heavy lifting of running this event. And finally, an event like this would have been impossible without generous sponsors. They were very understanding that this is an open-source community event. I thought the least we could do is to give them a platform to speak, so here are a few words from them:

Platinum Sponsor

CloudBees is the lead organizer for JUC and offers Jenkins in whatever form you wish to use it - on-premise or in the cloud. Check out the many resources available on the CloudBees website for Jenkins fans - whether you use open source Jenkins, Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees or Jenkins in the cloud .

Gold Sponsors

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As the largest independent video advertising platform, BrightRollpowers digital video advertising for the world’s largest brands. Jenkins has become a core piece of our productivity tech stack here at BrightRoll, and its importance is increasing. During the time that we've used it we've seen a huge benefit to participating in the Jenkins community, getting support from core contributors and plugin authors, and we try to contribute back whenever we can.

The Jenkins User Conference is the only place you can actually feel the Jenkins community and understand that being part of it is not just a commitment, it is a privilege we are honored to share. Learn more aboutJFrog , our Artifactory Binary Repository solution, and our new Bintray social platform for sharing, publishing and managing binaries.

LMIT Software is now GerritForge, the leader in Agile coaching and Development Management. We are active contributors of Jenkins (see Gerrit Code Review and we can enable their adoption and integration into the Enterprise Continuous Delivery chain.

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ZeroTurnaround help software eat the world faster. Rapidly develop applications with JRebel and continuously deliver them with LiveRebel .

Silver Sponsors

AppDynamics Confreaks Liferay SOASTA

I encourage you to learn more and also find Jenkins-specific resources on the dedicated JUC Sponsor page . Looking forward to seeing you at the next JUC.

-- Kohsuke

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
Founder, Jenkins CI & Elite Developer, CloudBees

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