Jenkins Security Advisory Patch Available Within Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees November 2012 Release

Written by: Harpreet Singh
2 min read
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As you may or may not have heard that there was a Jenkins security advisory today. I would urge you to upgrade your installations, if you are on Jenkins LTS (1.466, or earlier LTS versions) or on Jenkins trunk.

If you are an existing customer of Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees, you should have received an email notifying you of a patch upgrade to 1.466 and 1.447 LTS. Thus, as a Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees customer, you can continue using the existing or previous LTS release and are not required to move to 1.480.1 (for another nine months if you so wish).

The patch to 1.466 was issued as part of Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees 12.11 release. The binaries are available on the CloudBees website and are available for a free 30-day trial.

The release bundled two new plugins:

  • Plugin U sage plugin : administrators can track actively used plugins and see jobs using these plugins. Thus, administrators can assuredly manage plugins because they now know which jobs will be affected by their administrative actions.

  • Folders P lus plugin : administrators can now restrict agents to a folder. Thus, administrators can dedicate agents to an important project or teams can store secret information on a agent, knowing that no other folder has access to that agent.

If you are not familiar with Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees, it is a professional support package that includes full support for OSS Jenkins along with enterprise-level plugins to optimize and eliminate Jenkins downtime. Our most popular features are high availability, unbreakable builds with validated merges, role-based access control, folders and templates (more info here ).


Harpreet Singh
Senior Director, Product Management

Harpreet has 12 years of experience in the software industry. Prior to CloudBees, he was at Oracle and Sun for 10 years in various roles, including leading the marketing efforts for Java EE 6 and GlassFish 3.1. He was also product manager for Hudson, launching it within Sun's GlassFish Portfolio.

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