Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees May 2014 Release, generally available

Written by: Harpreet Singh
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I am happy to announce the release of a new version of Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees

version 14.05 (May 2014). The release introduces three new plugins that help in the management of medium to large Jenkins installations. This release builds on top of Jenkins LTS v1.554.1.

The newly released plugins are:

  • Monitoring plugin Based off the OSS metrics plugin (contributed by CloudBees) provides monitoring dashboard views for a number of Jenkins-specific metrics. In addition, administrators can use these metrics to setup alerts to proactively manage Jenkins instance.

  • NIO SSH Plugin : The NIO SSH agents plugin based on Java Non Blocking I/O provides much better throughput than SSH agents available with Open Source Jenkins. This plugin uses fewer threads per agent as compared to SSH agents and improves Jenkins controller responsiveness. In addition, where CPU resources aren’t available, this plugin slows the build down to maintain responsiveness, as compared to SSH agents where the connection is lost resulting in a build failure.

    • In our internal benchmarks, we have seen that a Jenkins controller with NIO SSH agents can handle anywhere between 6x-to-10x number of concurrent builds as compared to the standard SSH agents.

  • Long Running Build plugin solves the problem where a build is aborted if the Jenkins controller goes down. This is especially problematic when builds span hours if not days. This plugin offers a “long-running” project type that survives controller failures. The configuration is almost the same as for a standard free-style project, with one difference: the part of your build that you want to run apart from Jenkins should be configured as a (Unix) shell or (Windows) batch step. Of course this script could in turn run Maven, Make, or other tools. The Long Running build plugin is still in beta will be GA in middle of June.

These plugins add to the existing suite of plugins focused on managing large installations. Please go ahead and give them a spin!

Additional information:

- Harpreet Singh

Senior Director, product management


Harpreet has 16 years of experience in the software industry. Prior to CloudBees, he was at Oracle and Sun for 10 years in various roles, including leading the marketing efforts for Java EE 6 and GlassFish 3.1. He was also product manager for Hudson, launching it within Sun's GlassFish Portfolio.

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