Jenkins Enterprise and the CloudBees support plugin: now even easier!

Written by: Sacha Labourey
1 min read
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As part of Jenkins Enterprise, CloudBees provides an extensive set of Enterprise plugins , one of which - the CloudBees Support Plugin - makes it easy to file a support ticket with us (and automatically provides us upfront with the typical information our engineers need about your Jenkins setup).

Until today, all of the CloudBees plugins were part of a same bundle, which, upon installation, was requesting a proper Jenkins Enterprise license key.

Yet, a number of our customers were not using any of those Enterprise plugins on some of their machines, and hence were not enjoying the benefits of the Support Plugin. But installing the full bundle and requesting a license key wasn't ideal. Enters Stephen Connolly...

Consequently, as of release 1.6 , we no longer require a license to install this specific Support Plugin : you can just install the plugin to enable faster support resolution, and no license key will be requested.

Obviously, all of this only matters if you actually have a support contract with CloudBees. But why wouldn't you?!?



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