Java EE 7 and GlassFish Day at CloudBees

Written by: Cyrille Le Clerc
2 min read

The launch of Java EE 7 today is a very important event for the Java EE community. Since Java is our DNA here at CloudBees, and as we try to anticipate our customers' needs, we wanted to be part of this new episode of the Java EE adventure.

We are happy to announce today:

  • The availability of GlassFish 4 Web Profile to allow users to explore the new features of Java EE 7 Web Profile such as WebSocket, JAX-RS 2.0, non persistent EJB timers or async beans

  • Managed support of the GlassFish 3 Web Profile stack, after months maturing in our community incubator

For GlassFish v3 users, you now have the same kind of fully managed CloudBees experience that we’ve been providing for Tomcat and JBoss. And if you want to explore EE 7, understand its new features and how your applications will behave on it, it’s all waiting for you on CloudBees.

In addition to the traditional docs and demos we are delighted to demo Antonio Goncalves' Petstore EE 7 app running on our GlassFish 4 Web Profile stack (source code and clickstart here on GitHub ).

CloudBees GlassFish

Antonio Goncalves' Petstore EE7 on CloudBees GlassFish 4

Our GlassFish3 docs, our GlassFish4 docs and demo ClickStarts:

Note: please be patient when starting your app on GlassFish. The initial deployment often takes more than 30 seconds and during this time GlassFish temporarily displays its welcome page instead of your application's homepage.

We hope that you will have a lot of fun using our GlassFish runtimes and exploring Java EE 7 on our platform!

-- Cyrille Le Clerc
CloudBees, Inc.

Cyrille Le Clerc is an elite architect at CloudBees. He came to CloudBees from Xebia, where he was CTO and architect. Cyrille was an early adopter of the “You Build It, You Run It” model. He naturally embraced the DevOps culture, along with cloud computing. Cyrille is very active in the Java community as the creator of the embedded-jmxtrans open source project and as a speaker at conferences.

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