January Release of CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution with AWS/EKS Support Now Available

Written by: Dennis Newel
2 min read

This product/service is no longer being offered by CloudBees.  Visit https://jenkins-x.io/  to learn more about the community offering.

After a well-deserved rest over the holidays and into the new year, we’re back to our regular monthly release cycle of the CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution , and this month’s release is a big milestone for us.

Aside from our ongoing effort to stabilize Jenkins X this month, starting with our 161 issues and enhancements since last update, we have expanded the scope of the distribution to also include support for running Jenkins X on AWS EKS and related services. This included a lot of small fixes and updates to Jenkins X to fully support the necessary AWS services, full TLS/DNS support, Vault installed using Boot, and properly document the AIM roles and permissions needed to get everything running correctly. Not only will we include a recommended configuration for EKS, and an updated UI, but we will also extend our commercial support offering to cover Jenkins X on EKS.

As usual, all the enhancements and bug fixes related to EKS have already been contributed back to Jenkins X, and reactions have been very positive:

“I have been testing out Jenkins X for quite some time now and I was shocked about the seamless integration into AWS EKS already. The guys from CloudBees really know their stuff. Now I’m even more excited to test out the already battle-tested and certified CloudBees Jenkins X distribution with official EKS support.” - Paul Merker, freelance DevSecOps engineer

So, if you’re interested in getting up and running with Jenkins X on EKS, download the CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution to try it for free, if you have any feedback please email me at dnewel@cloudbees.com .

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