CloudBees Jenkins X Support

CloudBees Jenkins X Support

When your business depends on Jenkins X automated CI/CD, you can depend on the #1 Jenkins sponsor

Jenkins Expertise

CloudBees employs the largest group of Jenkins®-certified engineers anywhere. Work smarter, not harder, with guidance from the Jenkins X experts to deliver applications with speed and confidence.

24x7 Technical Support

Protect your pipelines and minimize downtime. Gain peace of mind with fast, reliable resolutions to your problems backed by an SLA.

Assisted Updates

Prevent unsuccessful upgrades and save development time. Take advantage of the Assisted Updates program to keep Jenkins X up-to-date, stable and compliant by proactively planning your upgrade with our support team.

Modernize CI/CD with Jenkins X

When creating leading-edge software, development time spent working on infrastructure instead of writing quality applications decreases productivity. That’s why Jenkins X is here, providing automated CI/CD for your modern cloud applications on Kubernetes and enabling developers to quickly establish continuous delivery best practices. And now, with a subscription to CloudBees Jenkins X Support, you’ll get access to on-call technical assistance from the #1 Jenkins sponsor for any issues that may arise with Jenkins X.

  • Automate the setup of your environments and CI/CD pipelines for building cloud native applications

  • Help your team accelerate the delivery of value to your customers
    Generate immutable releases on each merge to master

  • Deploy dynamic Preview Environments on each pull request to help your team review and collaborate on changes before you merge

“When we submit a request to the CloudBees support team we normally get a response or resolution within hours. We estimate that commercial support has reduced our typical trouble-shooting time by 70%.”

Fenghua Guan
Head of technology operations, Morningstar Financial

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