iOS clickstart - get started with an iPhone app using Jenkins/CouchDB and CloudBees

Written by: Michael Neale
2 min read
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Jenkins has been used by quite a few people over time for iOS development.

What I thought I would do was to build a minimal "seed" iOS (iPhone) application that someone could use as a starting point for iOS/cloud development, with Jenkins running an Automated test/build - using DEV@cloud, RUN@cloud, all the CloudBees services etc.

To make this slightly less trivial, I built it with a service that works with CouchDB to store/search notes (trivially, really just to show JSON/Network type stuff as simply as possible) - all hosted through CloudBees of course (you just need your desktop).

Additionally - to run "headless" test code in iOS you need to build the unit test target of you project in a certain way (took some

This will provide you with personalised instructions for the next steps to continue developing with it.

Press this button to get started:

This is still a WIP and there will be newer versions of this (for my next trick I plan a multi stage build pipeline setup with one click - to save you time clicking around in Jenkins). Any iOS library deps were avoided to keep this lean as a starting point - but Pull Requests always welcome (you can make your own clickstart by forking that one, and making it your own).

Thanks to my good friend Simon Harris for iOS tutoring and Obj-C coaching.

Mark Prichard has spent some time working with mobile platforms, hooking them up to Jenkins and other services.


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