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Written by: Hannah Inman
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We now have a special new portal that brings YOU into the CloudBeesHive! And if you try it in the next two weeks*, you'll get your very own CloudBeest-shirt.

Meet Bee Hive, the new CloudBeescommunity platform for customer advocacy, learning and fun. Bee Hive is like an interactive game that will…

  • Help you explore CloudBees and keep you updated on our newest and most awesome features

  • Give you cool “insider” ways to support CloudBees (for which we thank you sincerely – after all, you are the reason for our success)

  • Let you meet others in the community and give you fodder to build your reputation as an expert

  • Give you lots of recognition and perks, such as t-shirts, remote controlled helicopters, dinner with Sacha and/or Kohsuke and free tickets to events like the Jenkins User Conference

Here's the way the community works:

1. Set up an account on our new Bee Hive portal.

2. Check out some of the activities, which we call "challenges" in Bee Hive. Pick which ones are most interesting to you and enjoy! An activity might be reading Sacha’s latest blog, sharing a link, trying out a new service or feature, referring another user or just answering a weird random question.

3. Earn points, badges and swag, build your reputation as an expert and get recognized for all the support you give CloudBees.

Other Fun Stuff

  • You'll pick up a few badges along the way

  • You can communicate with other users and partners

  • As you do various challenges, you'll move up in user status

  • You can also see how you rank against other users and who’s leading

  • You can earn points and thank-you perks. If you don't have a CloudBees t-shirt, now's your chance!

This program has just come out of beta and we are encouraging our favorite customers to join asap! As a reader of our blog, you are obviously one of our favorites. ;) Check it out!

Lisa Wells
Bee Hive Community Manager, Partner Marketing Guru, and Bee of Many Hats

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