Google Go on CloudBees

Written by: Michael Neale
1 min read
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Quite a bit of buzz (get it, buzz, bees, buzz ! eh...) has been happening around Google Go.

Here is a "systems" language (think C) but with the ergonomics, frameworks and libraries, of a high level dynamic language (with a very fast compiler making it feel like a scripting language for development turn around).

All backed by a Big Company (Google!). Fascinating.

It also has a test framework (basic, very basic) built on.

So - I built a Clickstart to show this off - this setups up a Go build, clones a sample app (based on their wiki tutorial starter app, with some tweaks) - runs the test, if it passes, runs the build, and then deploys it to the CloudBees PaaS (via Procfile, interestingly). Hosting Go apps is pretty easy as generally everything is statically compiled in. Doing CI is easy with Go - as you will see (you can install it anywhere, test framework is built in).

As always, press the big button to deploy all this in one click, and go!

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