Everything is Awesome with Teams!

Written by: Katherine Lam
2 min read

Everything is awesome
Everything is cool when you're part of a team
Everything is awesome when we're living our dream

-Tegan and Sara

Every company is trying to innovate as quickly as possible. The faster they iterate and improve, the more they make customers happy. We’ve seen that an important key to a DevOps transformation is creating a culture where teams are aligned and working on the same goals. But how do you guide separate teams to work better together? Especially in an industry where the tools seem to silo teams, rather than enable them to collaborate?

Imagine a developer working day and night to complete a product. Then, that code is handed off to another team for test, stage and to deploy the application. All of these jobs are performed with separate tools, which makes it very hard for the developer, the tester and the operations team to stay synchronized and efficiently coordinate their efforts.

A new way for DevOps teams to collaborate

Introducing a new, intuitive user experience to help teams solve business problems together. Built on Blue Ocean, we’ve made it easy for teams to onboard new projects and standardize their CD pipelines. In the past, developers were constrained with the complex set-up and long waiting times to get a working build environment. We’ve eliminated this, so teams can focus on delivering software.

Now teams can spin up projects and create build jobs in minutes. By connecting pipelines, teams that are working on code that are dependent on each other can be assured that they are always working with the latest files. Most importantly, teams are aligned because they quickly track the status of the jobs they depend on to deliver their project.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise balances the needs for teams to have the flexibility to choose the right tools for each project, while making it easy for companies to offer an assembly line to deploy software. With the largest ecosystems of integrations, your teams can be assured that your tools will work together, making you go faster. If you'd like to reap the rewards of faster software delivery, we invite to sign up for a free trial of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise .

Everything is awesome with teams.

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