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This week we are exhibiting at the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley 2011 in San Jose, California. If you’re big into embedded systems development, at this time of the year it is the place to be and is a great showcase for the latest state-of-the-art technology and ideas in this space. All the big guys that you would think of are there including many of our existing customers – Texas Instruments, Cadence, Xilinx, Mentor Graphics and Wind River.
This evening when leaving the exhibition center after the first exhibition day out of three, my main reflections were that the talks and discussions about software now being an integral part of every significant product release very much holds true, so also in embedded product development – confirming exactly what we heard last week from our customer visit that I blogged about here .
Today we’ve talked with numerous CIO’s, CTO’s, managers and engineers working across a wide range of high-tech industries all looking at ways to optimize their software development process. Driven by their core business need to produce and deliver increasingly complex yet high-quality products at a more frequent pace, while still maintaining (or lowering) the budget. We found our story about helping them enable private development clouds to unleash dramatic benefits such as build acceleration and test automation to really resonate - cutting off hours and in some cases days from any development workflow, obviously in the end translating into a lot of saved dollars. Going forward, we look forward to follow up and work with these prospects to help them realize and see the improvements by themselves, in their own environments.
Just as a sidenote from today with me coming from Sweden, at the show I found it interesting that the two relatively small Swedish companies ENEA and IAR Systems had invested in large and very visible exhibition booths – at one of them I even got to taste some good high quality Swedish chocolate ! :-)
If you happen to visit ESC 2011 in the coming days, do not hesitate to stop by our booth located in aisle 2400. We can’t guarantee you Swedish chocolate but certainly a lot of other goodies and interesting stuff!

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