Episode 59: Analysts Dissect Digital Transformation

DevOps RadioFresh from the DevOps Radio Booth at Moscone West in San Francisco, Dan Kirsch from Hurwitz & Associates, Jon Collins from GigaOm and Torsten Volk from EMA join our new CloudBees host, Sam Fell, for a special analyst panel, recorded live at this year’s DevOps World | Jenkins World. Through the work they’re doing with their clients, these three analysts have a front-row seat to the ins and outs of digital transformation and innovation in the software development market.

This latest DevOps Radio podcast starts off with the panel breaking the ice by acknowledging that digital transformation has become a term that no one knows how to define, but all know they need to practice it. If businesses want to deliver products and services faster, Hurwitz’s Dan Kirsch says there needs to be a cultural change, both for tech leaders and business users. This begins with engaging businesses to connect better with customers and empowering the people at the edge.

With all the hype around digital transformation, there has also been a greater emphasis on measuring and monitoring. However, Gigaom’s Jon Collins notes that companies are eager to go from 5 to 10 to 50 to 500 deliveries a day by adopting “continuousness for its own sake,” and this doesn’t actually show true business impact. Instead, organizations need to bring in the right people and adopt the necessary policies while repeatedly iterating to deliver value, not just quantity.

The biggest hot take from the panel is Torsten Volk’s conviction that Kubernetes is overhyped. While there’s no debate around the overall impact Kubernetes has had on software development, the panel agrees that it is not being used the way it was intended – to help assist the existing infrastructures – and has instead become a massive platform.

For more observations on digital transformation and discussions on what’s over-hyped in software development, check out the full episode now available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Make sure you subscribe to hear more experts and practitioners from DevOps World | Jenkins World, San Francisco.