Episode 49: Jon Hammant of Accenture Says the Only DevOps Constant is Change

Written by: Diana Hwang
2 min read
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In Episode 49 of DevOps Radio, Host Brian Dawson sits down with Managing Director of Accenture’s DevOps Group, Jon Hammant, to discuss his DevOps advisory role for the company and both the internal and external aspects of DevOps at Accenture.

While the who, what, where, when and why are all important, for this conversation Jon and Brian zero on the ‘how’ of DevOps. Jon explains that he believes DevOps is at a place in maturity where the ‘why’ is a given and people generally have an idea of the importance of its implementation. However, people are having trouble applying it, which is where consulting companies like Accenture come in.

As a global organization, Accenture has hundreds of people working on software development, which benefit greatly from DevOps adoption. As the company works to release products for external clients, Jon explains they often adapt processes that have been done internally. For Accenture, this has truly been a win-win solution that has allowed them to scale their DevOps transformation.

Just as every organization has a different DevOps transformation story , every company/practitioner sees the value of DevOps in different ways. From Jon’s perspective, cost is not the right way or even the most fun outcome to DevOps adoption. Instead, Accenture sees it as speeding up the overall digital transformation, fusing business and technology. Jon says while the only constant is change, change is good and not a risk to innovation as some might think. He notes that it might even seem contrary, but by allowing teams to develop faster, DevOps is in fact reducing risk.

At the end of the day, while Accenture is a force within the IT consulting space, Jon states that they are not aiming to win but to outgrow other companies. To learn more about what Accenture is doing and about the progress they’ve made for the community, be sure to check out a different perspective from Accenture US team on Episode 42 . You can also catch all previous episodes of DevOps Radio on iTunes and Spotify .

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