Enhanced Pricing and Packaging for the CloudBees Platform

Written by: Heidi Gilmore
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Jenkins pricingSince we launched our DEV@clouddevelopment platform service more than a year ago, we have experienced tremendous success! Today we have thousands of developers using our services for their builds and tests.

In the spirit of giving at this time of year, we are pleased to announce:

  • Significantly lower pricing for DEV@cloud services

  • Changes in our technical support offering

...all nicely packaged up, just in time for the holidays. Read below for more about our progress this past year, and these exciting new announcements.

2011 Platform Highlights

In the last six months, we have added lots of new features, including:

  • The ability to add integrated CloudBees Ecosystem Partner services to your DEV@cloud environment. Ecosystem Partner offerings include popular services, such as JFrog , Sauce Labs , SonarSource and XWiki

  • Complete integration between the DEV@cloud and RUN@cloud services, with no need for you to set up any credentials or install any plugins

  • Ability to select a build machine that best fits your needs

We will continue to add more features on an ongoing basis. Additionally, we are working on several performance enhancements.

Lower Pricing for DEV@cloud Services: Efficient Technology and User Adoption

Today, we are announcing some changes to our development services pricing. First of all, we are removing all restrictions to the number of Git and Subversion repositories you can create: you are now only limited by the disk space allocated to your account. This is especially handy if you want to host one application per Git repository, for example.

With regard to Jenkins, we are significantly dropping our build minute prices and extending our build minute quotas! Given the massive number of builds we are now performing, we are dropping build prices by more than 80% and moving from one cent per build minute (or 60 cents per hour) to just 10.6 cents per hour! Our m1.large build prices will benefit from the same discount and will be billed at the equivalent of 42.5 cents per hour (billing still takes place by the minute). If you want to estimate what your new bill will be, we have also added a pricing calculator to our DEV@cloud pricing page .

Also, effective immediately, our Pro and Enterprise subscription customers will benefit from a doubling of the free build quota: from 2,500 free build minutes to 5,000 for Pro subscribers, and from 5,000 to 10,000 build minutes for Enterprise subscribers.

At these prices, doing continuous integration in the cloud should be mandatory!

Changes in Our Support Offering

Finally, on the support front, we are making some immediate changes. We will now provide silver support to all of our customers and only offer premium support options on-demand. Note that if you already benefit from a premium support subscription option, this change will not apply to you; you will be able to continue getting excellent support from CloudBees based on your current support terms and conditions.

We are working on additional improvements and will be communicating more about them very soon. Stay tuned!

P.S. Just as we were getting ready to publish this blog, InfoQ published a round-up/overview of six major PaaS offerings, including CloudBees. CloudBees was ranked very highly! Read the InfoQ article .



Sacha Labourey, CEO

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