DOES16 San Francisco: The Future of DevOps in the Enterprise - Trends & Predictions

Written by: Electric Bee
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DevOps adoption is growing rapidly, especially in the enterprise. What started as a “keeping up with the unicorns” grassroots movement within more forward thinking companies, has matured to large, complex enterprises now often being on the forefront of DevOps innovation. Nowhere has this been more clear than at the recent DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES16), which ended only a week ago -- and what phenomenal event it was! The conference underscored the relationship between culture and leadership practices, and the advancements in technology and tooling. To foster an holistic DevOps initiative that can transform today's businesses, organizations need to invest in both people, and the processes and technologies underpinning their software delivery. Large enterprises are learning new ways to motivate, lead, inspire and grow their teams. In parallel, they are also experimenting and learning new ways of incorporating new technologies and patterns to streamline and accelerate their pipelines. New technology advancements and emerging design patterns - such as containers, microservices, complex integrations, hybrid infrastructure, and more - all create significant business benefits, yet can dramatically increase the burden on Operations and Release Management teams. This poses hurdles to the adoption of these new developments within large enterprises, who need to operate at an increasingly larger scale, supporting complex, hybrid environments running both traditional applications and technology stacks, alongside more modern architectures.

During my talk at the conference , I had the opportunity to discuss the new technology trends affecting DevOps in the enterprise, and best practices for modern IT to take advantage of them to increase delivery velocity, improve operational efficiencies and ensure security, compliance and stable operations at scale.

Watch the recording of my DOES16 talk:

More DevOps Trends and Predictions:

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